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Our People is Our Asset

At Initial, people are at the heart of everything we do. Our people, who provide the services you rely on; and your people, who depend on these services in order to do their jobs effectively. We strive for mutually beneficial long-term partnership working, focused on fulfilling your goals and aspirations.

We aim to be the employer of choice within our industry and we are pursuing this goal by adhering to a number of fundamental principles: Fair rates of pay and benefits, excellent career opportunities and a caring and flexible approach. This is of course good for our business, but there are real advantages to you, the customer, measured in terms of enhanced loyalty and quality of service.

We believe in lean central management, with operational responsibility devolved to our customer service teams. This encourages our frontline staff to value themselves, the services they provide, and the needs of their customers.

All of our people benefit from our commitment to active training and development programmes: we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Efficient Forces takes pride on having the right people in the right place. We always go the extra mile. We listen carefully and understand that sometimes we need to challenge the norm to find the right answer. We are analytical and keen to solve problems with practical solutions. We take pride in being forward thinking, innovative and approachable. We are keen to take responsibility for delivering a practical, effective solution.


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